While homeownership is a rewarding experience, it does demand the sincere and dedicated efforts on the part of the consumer before and during the real estate transaction.


Start saving now if you have not already. Unless you qualify and want down payment assistance, your costs will include a down payment and all other closing associated costs. Closing costs on all houses for sale, include items such as insurance, title, attorney, document preparation, taxes, surveys, appraisals and homeowners association related fees to name a few.  Search Homes Now



Having a rapport with the right Realtor is the key to success when buying a home. Find someone you can trust to answer questions, sift though tons of paperwork, represent and negotiate on your behalf. THIS IS NOT A TASK YOU WISH TO UNDERTAKE ALONE.  Search Homes/Wanda Pearson


Monitor your credit. Pay bills as agreed. Oddly enough, if you are not paying cash, building a track record of purchasing on credit and paying as agreed is what your goal should be! Keep low limits on your revolving accounts and lines of credit. Monitor student loans carefully. Know your options. Then…before shopping…GET A PRE-APPROVAL. A GOOD Realtor will guide you in that direction. A GREAT Realtor has trusted lenders for you to choose from. My lenders have very effective down payment assistance programs that defray closing costs.  Get Pre-Approved Now


Will this be your forever, starter or investment home? What are your must haves, your wants, absolute your true needs and your preferred locations? Are you willing to make concessions to get what you need?  Find Homes Now Wanda Pearson


Well, these are appetizers. Whether you are looking for houses for sale, condos for sale or town houses for sale just reach out to me. You may have questions about programs such as down payment assistance, veteran benefits, first time home buyer, neighbor next door and relocation assistance. Perhaps you are ahead of the game and you are ALREADY pre-approved and… are simply READY TO BUY. Let me share my wealth of information with you!  Contact me, Wanda Pearson at 832-598-6639. #wandatexasrealtor